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Choosing the right lender.

You be the judge.

There’s more than one way to bank.

Let’s face it. Big banks don’t get it. They don’t understand why people choose Money Mart® for their financial services. But we do.

Banks can be expensive for regular people. A lot of money has to sit in their accounts, month after month, to get their lowest prices for basic services. Banks charge all kinds of penalties when you get it wrong. Overdraft fees can be astronomical.

That’s why millions of people turn to alternative financial shops. But not all payday loan and check cashing stores are the same. You want to be able to trust the people you do business with and be sure you’re getting the best service and value for your money.

Money Mart is here to help. We’re upfront and honest and work hard to ensure your wait is as short and pleasant as possible. Our employees are well trained and deliver the same level of friendly customer service no matter which store you visit. That’s why we post our rates clearly so you can understand the terms of your loan before you sign.

With Money Mart, there’s no pressure. We make getting your money fast and easy. No fees. No hidden charges. No surprises of any kind. When it comes to finding the loan lender that’s right for you, they should be able to say the same.

Ask yourself:
  • Is your lender a legitimate payday loan provider with an appropriate state license?
  • Is your personal information protected by their privacy and confidentiality policies?
  • Are they helping you understand the exact cost of your loan?
  • Are they being transparent or are there hidden fees?
  • Can they give you money right away to handle your emergency?
  • Does their customer service answer your questions and concerns?
  • Do you understand the application process?
  • Do you feel comfortable in their store?

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